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We are a company that is dedicated in supplying and serving you water purification as well as water dispensing products. We are a company that is striving to improve the quality of life as well as the environment with innovative and durable products. We offer a wide range of products for commercial, individuals as well as industrial areas.
Address:Glasier House No 114 Corner Kitchener and Cavan Str Kensington Johannesburg 2100
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Telephone: 011 614 9840 / 1 Fax: 011 614 9848
Aquamat SA
We are a company that specializes in the distribution and manufacturing of quality systems, products and services with regard to the treatment of water. We have established ourselves as leaders in technology for applied water treatment equipment, we have also gained recognition in providing cost effective, sound as well as reliable solutions for water purification treatment.
Address:10 Goldman Street Florida Johannesburg South Africa 1710
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Telephone: 011 472 1311 Fax: 011 672 7592
Absolutely Water
We were established in 1999, where we distribute and import distillers, single filters, dispensers, as well as reverse osmosis water purification systems. We have technicians that are more than happy to help you with any maintenance that is required on our products. We make sure that we make use of the latest technologies making sure that you only get quality.
Address:40 Voortrekker Road Alberton 1450 Johannesburg South Africa
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Telephone: 011 907 8377

Water has so many germs in it now days that water purifying has become an important aspect in some places. JoburgServices.co.za knows how important water is therefore we want to make sure that you get the best companies that specialize in water purification. Go through the list of companies below and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Johannesburg Water Purifying Businesses

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