Stripper to Blame For Montecasino Murder

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Stripper to blame for Monte murder

According to reports, a former stripper, Maruschka Robinson, has appeared in court after it was suspected she was to blame for the death of Dustan Blom, found decomposing in the boot of his car in Montecasino’s parking lot recently.

The man was said to have given a lift to an unknown woman on 17 September, when he was last seen, and at that point, his cellphone was turned off and his car’s tracking system was deactivated. How Montecasino guards didn’t pick up that his car had been sitting around for two weeks, we don’t know.

The one question on everyone’s lips is, did she do it? Well, SA doesn’t exactly have a CSI department like the one we’ve seen in the hit TV series, but if the exotic dancer has appeared in court, there must be a reason. She’ll appear again on 2 October, but the SAPS are still looking for other suspects.

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