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Franke Water Heating Systems
We are the leading provider of intelligent systems for the following client’s: professional food services, domestic kitchens, coffee preparation, hygiene solutions as well as beverage delivery. We are the company that offers you a rewarding experience where we also enable the enterprise. We are here to provide you with value for money as well as quality.
Address:77 Roan Crecent Old Johannesburg Road Sage Corporate Park North Midrand 0145
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Telephone: 011 357 3300 Fax: 011 357 3302
Inti Sun Solar
We are a solar energy company that distributes the best in local manufactured as well as imported solar water heating systems; making sure that we have a solution for all sustainable energy needs. We also offer lighting solutions, making sure that you get them at the best competitive prices.
Address:Unit 62 Trevallyn Industrial Park West Cnr River & Hyskraan Road Kya Sands Johannesburg 2193
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Telephone: 011 708 0063 Fax: 086 699 5541

Are you worried about the environment but you are unsure on how to reduce your carbon footprint? Solar water heating systems are a great way to start and they are so efficient that you won’t even notice the difference, the only thing that you will notice is that you are saving money.

Johannesburg Solar Water Heating Services
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