E-tolls Will Raise Car Rental Prices Too

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Raise Car Rental Prices Too

If you’ve been wondering how the E-tolls will affect you on a daily basis, we have a little more irritating news for you. According to a popular news website, the price of rental cars is going to increase by about 10% too.

Though the final figures still need to be confirmed, it has been predicted that anyone renting a car will have to pay a great deal more, since the cars will all be e-tagged. So on top of the actual rental price, petrol and insurance, now you’ll have to pay for e-tolls when you go on holiday too.

We’re wondering what’s next on the price hike prediction list. Maybe bicycles will need to be e-tagged. After all, cyclists use the road too. And what about runners, walkers and all the people who take their dogs out for a pleasant stroll on a Sunday afternoon? While these examples may seem ridiculous, we don’t think they’re any more ridiculous than the e-tolls themselves.

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