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H & S Timbers
We are a company that was established in 1969, where our company has become a well-known house brand. We started out as a small company and over the years have managed to grow into a thriving business. We manufacture a large range of products such as, mouldings, kitchen units, Steveson Screens and plywood.
Address:14 Wilstead Street Benoni Gauteng South Africa
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Telephone: 011 422 3223 Fax: 011 421 3810
Supreme Mouldings
We are a wholesaler in the picture and framing and décor industry. The products that we supply are strictly only allowed for these markets and no outsiders. We make sure that these industries get the best quality products as well as diligent service.
Address:1008 Katrol Avenue Robertville EXT 10
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Telephone: 011 472 0870 Fax: 011 674 5559
We as a company make sure that we have access to the latest technology as well as application equipment, this helps us to ensure that all of our clients receive the highest in quality products and services.
Address:17 Dublin Road Bramley View Ext 6 Johannesburg
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Telephone: 011 264 0331 Fax: 011 264 0239
Vicro Mouldings DIV
We are a company that has introduced light weight exterior mouldings to South Africa. We use the polystyrene mouldings mainly as just a mould. This makes it the perfect light weight exterior mouldings. The bond that is created by this mould is like concrete so once it has dried up you will only be able to remove it by a hammer and chisel.
Address:5 Graphite Street Driehoek Germiston
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Telephone: 011 873 5034 Fax: 011 873 5149
Poly Injection Mould Making Services
We are a company that was originally started as a moulding injection business, from there we developed into a turnkey solution company, making sure that we grew with the changing of the plastics and engineering industries.
Address:No 119 Watt Place Kya Sands Randburg
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Telephone: 011 708 4755 Fax: 086 574 5669

There are so many different moulding solutions which one can look for, here at we have a few companies that specialize in mouldings and we are certain that you will be able to find a solution with regard to your moulding concepts.

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