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We all know that Jozi is where all the fun happens, but you might not have known until right now that not only is our City of Gold one of the most diverse places to be in terms of people, but it is also very diverse in its sports. Though this is the place to enjoy cricket and rugby, netball and hockey and even some of the stranger sports, we’ve got a list you are not going to want to miss. Why? Because all of these sports and activities are not just new and exciting, they are probably also some of the toughest you will ever get to try. Think you’re tough enough to try them all? Challenge accepted.

Aerial Yoga

Wait, hold on! Before you start shaking your head and muttering under your breath, this is not like ordinary yoga. In fact, rather than the relaxing scenes you’d usually see on a yoga floor, this is a tough and physically draining sport that not everyone has the guts for. Why? Because as the name would imply, it is off the ground. Aerial yoga works based on aerial silks, which hang from the ceiling. You will stretch, you will strain and who knows, you may even love it. There are very few words to describe this incredibly demanding sport, but one we think is really appropriate is: fun! Why not give it a try? It is offered by a variety of studios around the city, one of the bets of which is the Vertical Vixen studio in Northriding. Don’t be fooled guys, this one is not just for the girls!


Only about a year old, everyone is talking about this incredible and different sport. Crossfit, as the name would imply, is a sport that combines some of the toughest parts of weightlifting, athletics and a variety of other sports. It requires you to lift huge weights, to sprint, to do pull-ups and to push yourself to your furthest limits. This sport is not for sissies, which is probably why those who do it have started the Crossfit Games, a yearly event to showcase the fruits of these sports peoples’ labour. Think you can manage it? Why not contact them today? There are studios all over the city, but the one we pick is Crossfit Platinum.

The Warrior Games

Looking for something new and fun you can do with your friends? This is a must try. Though not a daily activity, the Warrior Race is held on a regular basis and may seem a little like military basic training. The fact that you can do it with your friends though means you are not just crawling through the mud, you are getting dirty playing out in the sunshine with your friends. Like an obstacle race, every Warrior Race is different and though it is a lot of fun, it is also physically draining, so make sure you’re in good shape before you try it. Find out more here

Pole Dancing

Hey men! Yes you! If you weren’t put off by the word dancing, then you are in for a treat. Not only is pole dancing one of the best and most challenging sports you will ever get to try, but it is also greatly misconceived. You see, this sport is not just for the gals. It is absolutely for men too and there are many guys around the world who have given up weightlifting and other sports just to be professional pole dancers. Don’t believe us? Check this out:
and once you’ve seen this, why not try it for yourself. Gals, it’s great for the core and for tightening those tushes. We have two studios we know you’ll love, one in Bryanston and one in Pretoria, both hosting classes taught by world pole champions (yes, world!). If you’re in Jozi, try LAF studio with Venessa Clack, a world champion. In Pretoria, get to the Pole Studio with Tracey Simmonds (a multiple award winner in the UK).

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