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We are a company that specializes in renovations, commercial, industrial, home building as well as turnkey solutions. We are a company that offers building as well as planning of commercial and housing properties. We offer you excellent service as well as workmanship and staff that are professional, reliable and friendly.
Address:Ground Floor Hollywood House 7 Queensquare Road Glenhazel Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa
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Telephone: 011 887 7988
Home Vision
We are a company that has established an affordable, unique as well as architectural service. We are a company that introduces effective reality smart staging solutions for you and your housing ideas. We are a company that helps home owners by developing detailed plans for them to implement their plans, making their dreams turn into a reality.
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Telephone: 084 505 3552 Fax: 086 618 2476
Elle Decorations
We are a company that produces the best-selling home magazine, where we are the only magazine with a global perspective as well as a fashion heritage. We have produced a magazine to help you with all your home decorating needs, providing you with unique, modern and fresh ideas which you can try out. Giving you the best quality advice and know how.
Address:37 Bath Avenue Rosebank Johannesburg 2197
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Telephone: 011 280 3403 Fax: 011 280 5490

Do you want to build a house or renovate an existing one? The companies listed on will be able to help you with your house building plans, ensuring that all your dream ideas become a reality. Get professional service with the companies below that will make sure that you get the best.

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