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Government has been fighting the drug war for years, and as is true for many things they have done since coming into power, not made much of an impact at all. Now, they have taken the latest crime statistics to heart and are pushing hard to rid SA of the drugs killing its residents, from ‘tik’ to ‘dagga’ and even the new drug du jour, ‘nyaope’, a mixture of heroin and marijuana.

So how are they going to do it? Well, Peter Ucko, the chair of marketing for the CDA has stated that rather than focus just on prevention, the government will plug more money into cures, that is, open more rehab centres around the country. But will it be enough? The range of private drug abuse centres around the country is a large one, especially in Joburg and Cape Town, but for those who are earning R3000 a month, paying R25 000 a month to get clean is not an option.

Well, we can’t comment on the efficacy of Government’s plan, but one thing that is making waves is awareness, and this has come to the fore lately with a South African documentary maker and his series of short films about Fietas, a local town inhabited by drug dealers and abusers.

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