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Electric fences
We offer the best electric fence services with the best prices and guarantee. We are an electrical fence product and service provider company found all over South Africa. Our aim is to keep you and your property safe.
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Gold R100 per month
Gold listing in the "Fences" category is currently available please contact Kadabra ! on 021 422 1988
Silver R75 per month
Silver listing in the "Fences" category is currently available please contact Kadabra ! on 021 422 1988
Gido Electric Fencing
We were established in 2001where we install high quality electric fencing which are supplied at affordable prices. We offer you a wide range of electric fence services and products for the industrial, domestic, agricultural and commercial sectors.
Address:Units 3 & 5 14 John Street Selby South Africa
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Telephone: 086 010 3653 Fax: 086 010 4728
Stemar Security System
We were established in 1989 where we only specialized in electric fencing. When our reputation grew in commercial, domestic and industrial areas we expanded our company and we are now able to supply you with all the aspects you will need for security. We offer intercoms, detectors, CCTV, alarms, steel work, electrified fencing as well as access control.
Address:7 Randpark Drive Randpark Ridge
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Telephone: 011 791 5515 Fax: 011 792 4449
We are local distributors and importers of electric fencing energizers as well as components. We are committed to providing our client’s with quality locally manufactured and imported products which we are certain will meet the needs of electric fencing in wildlife, agricultural and perimeter security markets.
Address:14 Kelly Road Jetpark Johannesburg
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Telephone: 011 397 3507 Fax: 011 397 7610

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