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Just Events
We were established in 2001 by Kevin Mills-Davies and Michael Southerden. They both believe that you need to go the extra mile to ensure that the event is totally professionally done. They have experience in the party and theatre entertainment industries, thus making them the best when it comes to putting and event together.
Address:70 - 10th Ave Edenvale Gauteng South Africa
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Telephone: 011 609 9095 Fax: 086 655 2430
Decor Wallpaper Company
We are a company that specializes in wall coverings which we develop and distribute through our innovation as well as experience. We also make sure that we are constantly generating new exciting and interesting ideas for the consumer and corporate markets.
Address:203 President Street Johannesburg 2000
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Telephone: 011 402 7617 Fax: 011 402 7617
RPM Decor
We were founded in 2003 as a décor and events company, we also have an extensive knowledge with regard to marketing solutions and conferencing. We are specialists in public relations, conference organizing, media liaison, catering and décor equipment hiring services.
Address:Technolink Block F 63 Regency Str Route 21 Corporate Park
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Telephone: 011 316 7377 Fax: 011 316 3168

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