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Kitchen and Bedroom Gallery
Our staff members have a lot of experience and knowledge in the industry. We make sure that we have quality control which results in a completed product, as well as the highest standards. We are specialists in supplying bedroom and kitchen units, which come in a range of colours and styles.
Address:Shop no 40 Germiston Road Germiston
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Telephone: 011 454 4415 Fax: 011 454 4414
Jeecon Projects
We have been in business since 1998, and have become specialists in the carpentry industry. We specialize in the following services such as built in cabinets and kitchens, spray painting as well as furniture renovations or restorations, fittings and designed furniture, carpentry and much more.
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Telephone: 011 781 3427 Fax: 011 781 0490
Veneer Tech SA
We are a company that specializes in veneer based products that are of high quality. We are international leaders in veneer lamination technologies and veneer processing, we also specialize in the manufacturing of composite products.
Address:Refinery Road Driehoek Germiston Johannesburg South Africa
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Telephone: 086 146 8872 / 011 776 7300 Fax: 011 507 5415

At we have a list of companies that offer cabinets and carpentry solutions, where you will get the best products that each of these companies have to offer. No more worrying about having to put cabinets up or trying to create your own designs to stand out. These companies have the best solutions for you.

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