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Karate Chop – Hi-Ya

Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you had stuck to those karate classes your mom made you take? Well, get ready to go Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon all over the city when you get two months of Taekwon-do lesson from just R350.

Protaekwondo, a dojo in Randburg, is offering adults and kids the chance to become self-defense champs with two months’ worth of classes at a very special rate. Taekwon-do is a martial art based on military tactics that helps you improve your reflexes and increase your mental and your physical strength. The classes are taught by Darryl Smith, who is a master in this skill and who has trained more than 20 champs in the sport. If you want to get fit, strong and impress the chicks with your cool moves

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Eyelashes That Flutter in the Wind

Hey Johannesburg gals – how many mascaras do you own? One? Three? All of them? Girls are always on the lookout for a way to make their lashes fuller and longer, and finally, there’s a way to do it without having to use mascara at all. For just R220, you can get a full set of eyelash extensions from Diva Beauty Studio in Sunninghill.

Eyelash extensions are the new, safe way of making your lashes look longer and fuller. They’re generally safe for contact lens wearers and they last for about two weeks. When you get there, expect to be busy for about 30 minutes, as the extensions will be fixed onto each of your individual lashes (that’s what makes them look real).

The Power of Property in Johannesburg

What’s the Low-Down on the High-Rises?

When driving around our city, have you noticed some new developments springing up? Whether it be in the far East Rand or right in Sandton Central, new buildings seem to popping into existence faster than you can say ‘profit’. For the most part, big businesses are investing more money into property, especially those from overseas, so they must see something in our city that we don’t necessarily see yet. Even the Government is spending cash on development, and while you may be more worried about paying your bond than about buying a new house, know that Johannesburg is on the track to more property value.

R30 Billion for Johannesburg Infrastructure

Imagine what R30 billion looks like. You probably can’t, right. This massive amount of money seems way beyond our comprehension. But the Mayor of Joburg, Parks Tau, has pledged to spend just this sum on the development of our city in the next three years. Some of the money will be put to good use improving service delivery too (we can almost hear you mumbling, “It’s about time,” under your breath) and all in all, the Mayor predicts a better run, and better looking Johannesburg, three years from now.

He made the statement at a recent Service Delivery Summit where he promised to have a close look at the city’s financials, and determine where the money would come from. He also encouraged Joburgers to pay their municipal fees, so that this plan could go from dream to reality, as many people seem to be in arrears (FYI: you can pay using the portal!)

So where is all this money going to go? Well, the Mayor has stated that rather than ploughing it all into low cost housing, the Government will create mixed cost housing for individuals who need it, servicing the city’s needs rather than people’s demands. Is it all possible? Well, considering that Joburg is South Africa’s richest Metro, we don’t think it’ll be a problem.

Westcliff Getting a Facelift

The iconic Westcliff hotel near Central Joburg is often referred to as the pink diamond. It may be because it’s not exactly on the cheap side in terms of its rates, because it’s a precious gem in Johannesburg’s crown or simply because it is painted a very iconic pink. In 2014, this well-known landmark is going to be changing its look and its name.

The Westcliff is set to become part of the iconic Four Seasons Group and will have to bring its already high standards up to near perfection to accommodate the types of guests who will be staying there. The luxury hotel will be getting a new spa and relaxation deck to meet the needs of more guests and a 24-hour food service to provide for those celebs who get a sudden case of the midnight munchies.

Also on the cards will be a heated outdoor pool overlooking the lights of the city, and elite venues for weddings on the property. While some are going to be annoyed to hear that our beloved Westcliff is going to change, others are saying this is a step in the right direction for Joburg. After all, if a large international group chose Johannesburg as its African rest stop, isn’t that a sign that we’re headed towards a better city, and a better country for all?

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Let’s Go Asian

In a traditional Asian home, you won’t get just one dinner. Everyone takes small portions from many large dishes, and can enjoy lots of different tastes during one meal. The owner of Watami restaurant in the East Rand definitely kept this in mind when she came up with a great special offer, namely, the dim sum tasting menu.

For a very special price of just R298 for two people, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy spring rolls, prawn, pork and beef dumplings, prawns and a custard bun. That means you get a huge dinner and actually save money while you eat. Watami Restaurant is not new to the area and those who have eaten there before will probably agree that the delightful ambience and the incredible food make for a fantastic evening out.

Is The Cost of Living Getting You Down?

Cost Of Living

We hear people complaining about Johannesburg on a daily basis. From the price of electricity to the folks in the street to the way the grass grows, everyone seems to have something negative to say about the matter. But we know how easy it is to focus on the negative and overlook all of the good things going on, so, we thought we’d give you a little reminder of just what it is that makes living in Joburg so special.

How Much Cash Do You Need To Live In The City Of Gold?

We’ve got three words for you: Cost of Living, or CoL. That’s the term that describes how much you pay just to stay alive in Johannesburg and if you’ve been thinking that your CoL is getting a little out of control, you may need to take a look at the latest Cost of Living Index.

The Index measures the rate of salaries versus the price of goods and services. In laymen’s terms, it’s the amount of cash you need to make every month to pay your bills, renew your prepaid electricity and pay for your food. If you’ve been thinking that prices are going up and salaries are not, you’ll be surprised to hear that the cost of living in our city isn’t actually the world’s highest. Tokyo takes that honour, with Luanda following in second place.

According to the Mercer Cost of Living Survey, Johannesburg only took the 154th spot on the list. Why? Because, as the experts explain, Johannesburg may have low salaries and high prices, but it also has the best property sizes, domestic help, cool cars and private healthcare.

The same study shows that living in New York, while better in some aspects, is much more expensive than our metropolis. In fact, rent in New York will cost you four times what it does in Sandton, and food will cost you double. Still think living in Johannesburg is expensive? Think again.

More Reasons To Love Johannesburg

Ever wondered what’s so great about the City of Gold? So did we, which is why we’ve put together a list of just what it is that makes Johannesburg recipe for the perfect city, based on what we know makes ours so incredible.

First, take a generous helping of beautiful weather year round. This should be light blue in colour with a few dashes of gentle breezes. Add a dollop of great quality of life and place both into a melting pot of races, genders and religions. Stir briskly with hospitality and smiles and bring to the boil in Johannesburg’s gorgeous sunshine. Serve the mixture in a setting of schools and universities, hospitals and clinics, and be sure to add lavish amounts of shopping. Allow to cool and add unique Johannesburg flavour to taste.

Living in Johannesburg is all about the friendly people, the luxurious lifestyle and the opportunities to succeed and we have ample amounts of all of these. So the next time you find your mind wandering to negative talk, remind yourself that no matter how bad one or two things are, Johannesburg is without a doubt, the best city to live in overall.

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