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New Music Video: Miley Goes Nude

Goes Nude

Oh Miley, if you aren’t sticking your tongue out and twerking your tush off, you’re romping naked on a dirty-looking wrecking ball. And all we have to say is, why?

At the recent VMA Awards, Miley Cyrus made a very overt statement with her almost invisible outfit and raunchy moves, but she came to her own defense, claiming that the VMAs are all about making a statement, and that if Britney Spears and Madonna could kiss on stage, she should be allowed to twerk.

This very new and grown-up Miley is a far cry from the Hannah Montana who was a Disney favourite and most parents have gone from pushing their spawn towards the star to outlawing her music entirely. The previously-wholesome starlet is seen in some very compromising positions in her new music video for the song Wrecking Ball, and this is going to become the norm if her new album, Bangerz, reaches the heights it is predicted to.

While she is not even close to the kind of crazy Die Antwoord provides, the world doesn’t seem quite ready to enjoy the raunchy Miley just yet.

See Miley New Music Video where she goes nude

Joost Set to Move Back Home

After a tough year in which he was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease, Joost van der Westhuizen is finally set to catch a break. The former sports star will be moving back in with his ex-wife Amor Vittone permanently and will receive round the clock care for the long-term.

Joost was diagnosed a few years back and in the time since, he has been struggling to deal with the disease. When he moves back home, he will need oxygen fed to him constantly, and will have very restricted movement. He recently said in an interview that he knows he is close to death and it seems even Amor couldn’t resist his implied plea for help.

To prepare for his impending fate, Joost has made every organization to ensure his family is taken care of. He has paid off his bond and even took the family on a holiday to ensure his kids get to spend as much time with their father as possible. Whether he will live to see them grow remains a contentious issue, but we hope he is granted at least a few years of comfort and familial love, and applaud Amor for her decision to take care of him.

Mandela Discharged – Bush Snr Red-Faced

Mandela DischargedHappy news today – Mandela has been released from hospital and is currently resting comfortably in his Houghton home. While South Africans breathe a sigh of relief, Americans may not be as thrilled. Not because they don’t want to see Mandela recover, but because former US president, George HW Bush, tweeted that Madiba had passed on.

It seems that Bush mistakenly thought Madiba had died and tweeted his message of sympathy to the world. He now shamefacedly apologizes for the gaff, as reports confirm that Madiba is alive and well.

Can you say epic Government fail boys and girls?

All Traffic Fines May Be Squashed

Traffic Fines SAGuess what Joburg peeps – you don’t have to pay your traffic fines! According to a recent report from the Department of Transport, the metro cops have spent about R60 million giving out fines and none of them are valid!

Apparently, the lack of registered mail and the fact that the police officers have been issuing fines outside of a set prescription period means you won’t have to pay. We love the idea of not paying, but it is kind of sick that 60 million bucks of our tax money has essentially gone down the toilet.

According to this report, the AARTO system that the metro police use has been riddled with problems and the 400 000 plus fines issued every month have just been really expensive pieces of paper. Check to see if your fines are valid!

New Couple Alert!

New Couple AlertSo this may just be a rumour in the marking, but we’ve heard from a very reliable source that the new hot couple on the Hollywood block is none other than Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. The maybe-couple was caught holding hands on a broadcast of the recent VMAs.

While you might still be reeling from Miley’s rather raunchy performance, we’re wondering what Tom Cruise has to say about this. It’s only been a year since the star of Minority Report and Holmes called it quits, but now Katie is posing nude, being seen out and about with daughter Suri, and it seems, making friends in new and interesting ways.

While the rumour mill goes, we’ll be on our toes to bring you the latest!

Child Safety in Johannesburg

Recently, a video came to light of a Johannesburg superbike rider who sped into the depths of Edenvale with his terrified 3-year-old daughter clinging to him. As he was leaving GrandSlam, a well-known East Rand sports bar, we can only assume he had been drinking too, and this story really got our goat.

People galore have been commenting on the story, and this has brought to light the issue of child safety in cars and on motorbikes in general. Surely everyone has sat in traffic and looked over to the next car only to see a small child standing on the front seat. Do these parents see their children as disposable?

There is a general lack of awareness it seems, of the amount of children who die in traffic accidents worldwide, and especially in South Africa. Too often, people are disregarding their children’s safety because they believe in the mantra ‘It will never happen to me.’ Well, we think this is taking a chance with a child’s life and that should never be allowed to happen.

We have a message for the superbike child-abuser from a blogger whose name we can’t reveal: Get sterilized. Seriously.

Watch the Video below

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