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VW Drivers Are The Worst!


Forget the BMW drivers and the guys in 4x4s. Apparently SA’s biggest roadhogs are VW drivers, according to a local website. The site was put together as a forum to track the worst drivers on SA’s roads, and sorry for you Joburgers, we’re apparently the worst!

According to the site, Joburg was voted the worst city to drive in with a massive 49% of votes, while Pretoria came in second worst with 15%.

And of the Volskies, who are the worst offenders? Duh, taxis of course, which make up 5% of the 18% vote for VW. We bet Volkswagen is sorry they make combis now!

Check out the stats yourself on

Water Found on Mars

Water Found on MarsLadies and gentleman, the astronauts have done it. They have officially found water on Mars, but don’t get too excited. They didn’t find a reservoir, an ocean, or even a leftover Bonaqua bottle. They found a type of water molecule that had bound itself on other minerals in the soil.

The other bad news for you is that although Mars should be a watery planet, according to the tests done, and the water can only be extracted by picking up a large portion of soil and heating it up to about 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, does that mean you’ll be spending your summers at the popular Mars beaches? Probably not, but it does mean your kids’ kids’ kids will probably have a good chance of living on the red planet. And that’s progress right?

Krokodil: The New Tik

Everybody’s talking about the horrific pictures that surfaced on Facebook yesterday, showing people in stages of pain and suffering after having taking Krokodil.

The drug, referred to as the poor-man’s heroin, is a homemade drug with remnants of creepy things like gasoline and acid. While the drug has the same effects on the mind of users as heroin does, it literally eats the flesh off your body. Apparently, the drug has recently made its way to America (and you know we won’t be far behind) and first presents with skin that looks reptilian (thus, the name).

The pictures are too disturbing to show here, but Google it if you have a strong stomach. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though, because people in the States have been heading to hospital with their flesh literally hanging off their bones, and large chunks of it missing.

Need a drug rehab that will help you get clean? Click here for more informaiton.

Little Girl Steals iPhone in Johannesburg (Video Footage)

They’re obviously starting criminal training young these days, because this little girl is a master thief. In Norwood on Sunday, this little criminal was given the signal by the two women she was with, and promptly stole a diner’s iPhone.

We have no word on the women, or whether they are being tracked by police, but we should all take note that even kids are not that innocent anymore. Watch your phones folks!

Watch How a 7 Year Old Steals a Cell Phone

Stripper to Blame For Montecasino Murder

Stripper to blame for Monte murder

According to reports, a former stripper, Maruschka Robinson, has appeared in court after it was suspected she was to blame for the death of Dustan Blom, found decomposing in the boot of his car in Montecasino’s parking lot recently.

The man was said to have given a lift to an unknown woman on 17 September, when he was last seen, and at that point, his cellphone was turned off and his car’s tracking system was deactivated. How Montecasino guards didn’t pick up that his car had been sitting around for two weeks, we don’t know.

The one question on everyone’s lips is, did she do it? Well, SA doesn’t exactly have a CSI department like the one we’ve seen in the hit TV series, but if the exotic dancer has appeared in court, there must be a reason. She’ll appear again on 2 October, but the SAPS are still looking for other suspects.

Pupil Attacks Teacher, Video Footage

Pupil Attacks TeacherWe’ve all heard the reports of terrible behaviour from kids in the UK and America and probably thank our lucky stars that we were not living in Columbine, but this has to be the next scary school story that is going to make SA infamous.

On Wednesday, teachers at Glenvista High School in South Joburg were probably huddling in fear in the staffroom as a Grade 8 learner assaulted a teacher. The teacher, seen in the video below carrying a school bag that probably belonged to the learner who was identified by others as ‘Anthony’, was assaulted with a chair, a broom and stones.

The sickest part? The others kids were laughing and egging on the perpetrator, yelling at him to ‘Get him’ as the teacher retreated. We don’t know what’s going to happen to the learner, or his classmates, but we hope for the teacher’s sake that they are punished to the full extent of the school code, and the law.

See the video footage below of the pupil attacking the teacher

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