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Andrews and Young Balustrades
If you are looking for Balustrades in Johannesburg, why not contact the professionals. Andrews and Young Balustrades are guaranteed to give you professional service each time. So call now and let us give you the service you deserve.
Address:P.O.Box 2082, Sundowner, 2161
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Telephone: 011 793 2928
Gold R100 per month
Gold listing in the "Balustrades" category is currently available please contact Kadabra ! on 021 422 1988
Silver R75 per month
Silver listing in the "Balustrades" category is currently available please contact Kadabra ! on 021 422 1988
Mordt Engineering
We were established in 1980 where our balustrading section only emerged in the 1990’s, which was built on our firm foundation as well as our expertise. We manufacture quality custom made designs of stainless steel as well as frameless glass balustrades. We make sure that everyone is involved with the project to ensure that you get the ultimate service.
Address:22 Covora Street Jetpark Johannesburg South Africa
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Telephone: 011 397 3860 / 1 Fax: 011 397 3613
Metal Sculpting
We are a company that has a proven track record where we supply our customers with exceptional quality, exclusive designs as well as hand crafted metal and wrought iron balustrading. We make sure that your balustrades meet your custom requirements 100%, ensuring that you will leave happy and wanting to come back.
Address:Business Partners Park Cnr. Harpur & Rothsay Street Gauteng Benoni 1501
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Telephone: 011 421 9499
We are a company that offers consultation, preparation of drawngs, design solutions, site vists, installations as well as delivery. We are your first choice due to our experience, reputation as well as our professional approach towords our work and our customers.
Address:20 Gwigwi Mrwebi street Newtown Johannesburg 2001
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Telephone: 011 834 1731 / 2 / 3 Fax: 011 834 1734

Looking for reliable and stylish balustrades for your staircase? is a quick and easy way to find a locally based and professional supplier of balustrades in the Johannesburg area. Balustrades are the perfect way to not only provide safety on the stairways and other areas, but can also provide that perfect finish to an area.

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